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Arc-shaped pillar cover designed aluminum panels

Arc-shaped pillar cover designed aluminum panels

vailable in a variety of designs and finishes, Maynowei Architectural metal column covers and beam wraps provide an attractive

yet cost-effective approach to visually enhancing structural beams including bare support steel structures, concrete columns andwood beams. The inherent durability and simple beauty of metal make it an ideal candidate for such enclosures

Maynowei’s unique fabricating capabilities lend themselves to manufacturing non-standard shapes and sizes which are often not
readily available from other manufacturers. As a result, our metal column covers and wraps have been the number one choice among
many prestigious commercial, institutional and transportation facilities across China.

Covers and wraps are available in a variety of
metal alloys best suited for the intended application and typically range from .064 up to .125 inches in thickness. The most
common cover and wrap alloys are 3003-H14 for aluminum . For optimal results, enclosures intended for anodizing plain (Mill) or
brushed finishes generally require the use of a 5005-H34 alloy.

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