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Understanding Honeycomb Panels

Understanding Honeycomb Panels

Issue Time:2020/01/13

Understanding Honeycomb Panels

What is a Honeycomb Panel?

Typically 5 layers: Skin, adhesive, honeycomb core, adhesive, skin. Materials with high tensile and compression strength are best suited to being skins, i.e. aluminum, steel, fiberglass. Adhesive varies widely by application: high strength, high temp, low temp, etc.

Honeycomb Core: A variety of honeycomb cores are available per design requirements.

How Does a Honeycomb Panel Achieve Its Strength?

Honeycomb panel strength works much like an I-Beam, with the core being the vertical element and the facing being the flange, working together to create high shear strength. Like an I-beam, greater distance between skins (thicker core) will create greater strength.

  • High strength skin reduces risk of tensile failure.
  • Many cells reduce risk of buckling failure.
  • Smaller cells reduce risk of climbing crush or peel failures.
  • Core orientation and density can reduce shear failure.


Stiffer and Lighter than Single Sheet Laminate

The stiffness of maynowei Honeycomb Panels allows the end user to utilize less material and reduce weight. Stiffness increases exponentially compared to single sheet material. The use of honeycomb core(s) creates a dramatic increase in stiffness with very little weight gain.

How is Stiffness Affected by Changing Core Thickness?

Relative Stiffness

As shown below, when all 3 structures have equal weight, height and material, honeycomb panel has a stiffness 264% higher.

Light, Strong, Tough, Cost-Effective

maynowei Honeycomb Panels are a high-strength, lightweight material that provide efficient mechanical performance. Our lightweight panels are an excellent alternative to monolithic materials (e.g., solid aluminum, wood and steel) as well as panels with traditional core materials such as plywood, balsa, and foam.

Available in a wide range of sheet sizes and facings, our honeycomb panels are designed for ease of use in many common applications and processes. They can be engineered to meet specific requirements for strength and stiffness. maynowei Honeycomb Panels are used
in many situations that require elevated core shear, compression and adhesion performance.

A World of Applications

Building Products

maynowei Honeycomb Panels provide a flat, stiff, stable structure for use in building as a backing material to metal, glass, stone, and other decorative surfaces. Uses include wall cladding, ceilings, canopies, and elevator interiors.
maynowei Honeycomb Panels offer elevated mechanical properties; moisture, chemical and impact resistance; as well as vibration dampening. The result is improved performance in doors, platforms, fixtures, and custom furniture among others.
Ground Transportation
maynowei Honeycomb Panels provide a lightweight solution for use in rail, automotive, truck, trailer, recreational vehicles, racing, and also military and specialty vehicles. Applications include walls, doors, floors, ramps, ceilings, bulkheads, seating, and shelves.