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Dry hanging aluminum veneer installation

Dry hanging aluminum veneer installation

Issue Time:2019/12/23
  • Three points to pay attention to in the installation of perforated aluminum veneer


In principle, the wall is installed from the bottom up.

Straighten, square, find rules, elastic thread → Fixing frame connector → Fixing frame → Metal decorative panel installation → Closing structure

3.2 Straighten, square, find rules, and elastic lines: First, according to the requirements of the design drawings and geometric dimensions, the wall surface with metal decorative panels should be straightened, squared, find rules, and measured and elastically determined once. Size and number of facing wall panels.

3.3 Connectors for fixing the skeleton: The horizontal and vertical rods of the skeleton are fixed by the connectors and the structure, and the connectors and the structure can be welded to the embedded parts of the structure, or you can use expansion bolts on the wall. Because the latter method is more flexible, the size error is small, and the accuracy of the position is easy to ensure, so more are used in actual construction. A line must be drawn at the bolt position to make a hole.

3.4 Fixed skeleton: Its structure is shown in Figure 9-8 and Figure 9-9. The framework should be pre-treated. The position of the installation skeleton must be accurate and the connection must be firm. After installation, the centerline and surface elevation should be fully checked. For the exterior wall of high-rise buildings, in order to ensure the installation accuracy of the decorative panel, the theodolite should be used to penetrate the vertical and horizontal members. Deformation joints, settlement joints, etc. should be properly handled.
3.5 Metal facing installation: The installation sequence of the wall panel is to start from the passing part of each wall to the first plate in the lower row of the first row, and install from bottom to top. After installing the first row of the wall, install the second row. After every 10 rows of wall panels are installed and installed, they should be checked by hanging wires to eliminate errors in time. In order to ensure the appearance quality of the wall surface, the bolt position must be accurate and fixed with hook bolts for single-sided construction, so that the position of the bolts is horizontal and vertical. There are two main methods for fixing the metal decorative panel. The first is to screw the slat or square plate to the profile steel or wooden frame. This method has better durability and is mostly used for external walls. The other is to slat on the special keel, this method is mostly used indoors.

The gap between the boards is generally 10-20mm, and it is usually treated with rubber strips or elastic materials for sealing arrows. When the decorative panel is installed, care should be taken to cover and protect the easily contaminated parts with plastic film. Areas prone to being scratched or touched shall be protected by safety railings.

3.6 Closing structure: Its structure is shown in Figure 9-10. The pressing of the horizontal part, the closing of the end, the treatment of the expansion joints, and the transfer of two different materials, etc., not only affect the decorative effect, but also have a greater impact on the use function. Therefore, two special shaped metal plates with similar properties are usually used for proper treatment.