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Environmental management system certification

Update Time2019/12/5
Environmental management system certification
  • Period:
  • 2018/7/18 - 2021/7/18
  • No.:
  • 04418E10779ROS
  • Certification bodies:
  • Beijing ZhongjingkehuanQuality certification co.,
About the certificate
Environmental management system certification refers to the assessment of the environmental management system of the supplier (manufacturer) by the third-party public certificate authority in accordance with the published environmental management system standard (ISO14000 series of environmental management standards), and the third-party organization submits the environment if it is qualified Management system certification and registration announcement, which proves that the supplier has the environmental assurance ability to provide products or services in accordance with established environmental protection standards and regulations. Through the environmental management system certification, it can be confirmed whether the raw materials, production processes, processing methods, and use and disposal of products used by the production plant meet the requirements of environmental protection standards and regulations.